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All you need to know about the CE Conference
The Central European Conference is an annual academic forum organised by the LSESU Czech and Slovak Society, hosted at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The conference provides a neutral platform for the discussion of contemporary topics facing Central Europe. This year’s overarching theme of the event is the 'New Age of Liberalism'.

Our goal is to bring together students, professionals and scholars in multi-layered debate and build an international network of individuals interested in exploring the region’s experiences. With a proven record of success over five years, we are the biggest conference of our kind held outside of the V4 countries and we are determined to continue acting as leaders in this field.

Our Vision

Part of our growth experience has been to continually add new features to our project. In the last years we have specifically placed emphasis on content creation and tangible outcomes. These include blog posts, podcasts and social media coverage. This year, we seek to expand further by writing academic white papers on topics discussed at the conference and providing a livestream of the event.

Our long-term vision is to transform the conference into a mobile project which would allow us to expand the intellectual renown of the Central European countries abroad, making the forum representative of the region as closely as possible.

Iveta Radičová

Former Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic
CE Conference connected great panelists and participants from an international environment, allowing for a discussion of urgent issues.

Tomáš Sedláček

Chief Macroeconomic Strategist at ČSOB
I was amazed how well the conference went, both with regards to the selection of speakers and the environment at the conference.

Martin M. Šimečka

and Author
Organisers of political rallies could only dream of the charm present at this conference organised by Slovak and Czech students...

Our History

With the first Central European Conference being held in 2017 we have experienced immense growth in both the number of attendees, team members and public speakers over the course of five years. With the initial 200+ attendees we are awaiting now over double the participants in the upcoming 2022 conference venue.

Our focus with each consecutive year is to reach more people interested in debating and sharing their ideas and invite a variety of different speakers that can influence and share their personal stories. Throughout the years we have had the honour to have influential speakers such as Iveta Radičová, Martin M. Šimečka, Pavel Fischer, Michael Žantovský, Timothy Garton-Ash and many more.