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Genetic Engineering

Rise of genetic engineering; a powerful tool or a matter of concern?
The world of liberalism is projected also in the field of medicine and genetic engineering. Recent gene-editing tools allow broad clinical implications with many trials already being in place. Numerous benefits of those approaches including causative therapy rather than symptomatic relief are however overshadowed by related health and ethical concerns. This debate aims to focus on the role of regulations controlling otherwise rapid genetic innovations within Central Europe. Science is a powerful tool, yet can be dangerous if used unwisely.

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Genetical Engineering
5th Jan 2022
A panel brings together a small number of speakers who investigate a specific issue. Each of them is given time to present their view, followed by an in-depth discussion. The panel also engages with the audience, taking in questions directed either at the panel as a whole, or at specific speakers.


Listen to speakers investigate a specific issue and discuss it after.


Take part in a debate and present solutions to different issues.


Learn close up and engage with speakers to acquire solutions and new skills.