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Media Accountability

How and to what extent can we hold the media accountable? Where should the responsibility for informing the public lie?
The COVID-19 pandemic presented a major rise in the dissemination of fake news, with news outlets and social media platforms coming under fire for not holding a more robust stance against the spread of misleading information. This panel will aim to investigate the extent to which media platforms, whether modern or traditional, can be held accountable for informing the public. Moreover, if they are unable to adequately prevent and counter the spread of disinformation, fake news, and conspiracy theories, should there be tighter regulations placed on the media to prevent an illinformed public? In what hands should such regulations lie, and what implications do they hold for the freedoms of speech, expression, and information in a changing era of liberalism?

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Media Accountability
5th Jan 2022
A panel brings together a small number of speakers who investigate a specific issue. Each of them is given time to present their view, followed by an in-depth discussion. The panel also engages with the audience, taking in questions directed either at the panel as a whole, or at specific speakers.


Listen to speakers investigate a specific issue and discuss it after.


Take part in a debate and present solutions to different issues.


Learn close up and engage with speakers to acquire solutions and new skills.