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Research & Development

How can the private sector and government uphold R&D and contribute to the development of "new industry"?
Research and development represent the main drivers of technological progress, new product development and rising productivity, which are necessary for stable and sustainable economic growth. Many studies have investigated the relationship between R&D expenditure and GDP growth. And the conclusion is always the same: the level of R&D matters! In 2020, R&D expenditures of countries located within the CEE region totalled 0.84% of GDP, according to Eurostat, while in Germany it was 3.1% of GDP and in the EU27 it was 2.1% of GDP. Without investment in R&D and increasing innovative transformation of traditional business industries, the goal of faster convergence with developed countries will be very difficult to achieve for the CEE region. This workshop will focus on the role of the private sector and governments in an attempt to introduce the innovative economy and move from the period of “assembly line” to the age of knowledge economy within the CEE. Can effective cross-sector collaboration contribute to achieving this rather elusive goal?

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Research & Development
5th Jan 2022
A panel brings together a small number of speakers who investigate a specific issue. Each of them is given time to present their view, followed by an in-depth discussion. The panel also engages with the audience, taking in questions directed either at the panel as a whole, or at specific speakers.


Listen to speakers investigate a specific issue and discuss it after.


Take part in a debate and present solutions to different issues.


Learn close up and engage with speakers to acquire solutions and new skills.