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Sustainable Fashion

Slowing down the fast fashion cycle: how to achieve it and is it even possible?
Fast fashion has overtaken the fashion industry by its stylish products and cheap manufacturing. Few people have realized the detriment it imposes on the environment. Young liberals have undertaken the role of implementing sustainable fashion around the world. From second hand shopping to green manufacturing, sustainable fashion represents a way to help cool the planet. This debate will focus on how sustainable fashion can help the environment and what role CE plays in it. Can we make CE listen?

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Sustainable Fashion
5th Jan 2022
A panel brings together a small number of speakers who investigate a specific issue. Each of them is given time to present their view, followed by an in-depth discussion. The panel also engages with the audience, taking in questions directed either at the panel as a whole, or at specific speakers.


Listen to speakers investigate a specific issue and discuss it after.


Take part in a debate and present solutions to different issues.


Learn close up and engage with speakers to acquire solutions and new skills.