Social Inequalities: Are we truly equal in Czechia and Slovakia?

PANEL01 Jan 2019

Slovakia and the Czech Republic are among the European countries with the lowest income inequality and take pride in it. At the same time, both countries face persistent and often similar social inequalities. The Czech Republic has the second widest gender pay gap and fifth widest gender employment gap in the European Union, and Slovakia follows close behind. Slovakia as well as the Czech Republic struggle with large educational disparities based on socio-economic background, and in both countries, inequality in education particularly affects Roma children. Both Slovakia and the Czech Republic have low educational mobility in international comparison. In the light of these statistics, how socially (un)equal are our societies, and is there a reason to be concerned? The panel discussion will focus on gender, racial, and educational inequalities in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia: Where are the similarities between the two countries, and what helps us explain the differences? Which institutions perpetuate inequalities, and are these unjust? Are Slovaks and Czechs socially conservative?

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