The Future of Energy Industry: How should the energy industry in Central Europe look in the future?

PANEL01 Jan 2019

The European energy market is going through turbulent times. This is especially true in Central Europe where the energy market is heavily influenced by Germany. The policy of Energiewende brought about highly volatile energy supplies from renewable resources. As a result, German electricity prices are now set only for 15 minutes. However, the development of new power plants usually takes more than one decade. At the same time, traditional coal power plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are required to meet stricter and stricter environmental standards of the EU and the development of renewable resources is lengthy and often controversial. In this panel, we will discuss (1) the feasibility of the EU 2030 renewable energy target and how both countries can contribute to it, (2) the future of nuclear energy in the market with highly volatile electricity markets, (3) the extent and dangers of our energy reliance on Russia, and (4) the role of the state in financing new power plants and determining energy mix.

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