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Topics 2022

Read all about this year's wide range of topics
The overall structure of the CE Conference builds upon three main pillars - panels, roundtable discussions and workshops. Each of these components offers a distinct topic and method in which participants engage, allowing them to tackle a wide range of relevant issues facing Central Europe from different angles. It doesn't matter if they're social, economic, political or cultural, we deliver it all in this comprehensive experience!

The New Age of Liberalism

The tradititonal liberal and conservative divide is experiencing tumultuous changes in reaction to unprecedented global events. This year's Central European Conference will aim to answer what role key public agents, such as political actors, enterprises, media and international organisations play in this systemic transformation. We will focus on the practical implications of liberalism as a political and economic ideology in a series of panels, debates and workshops.


A panel brings together a small number of speakers who investigate a specific issue. Each of them is given time to present their view, followed by an in-depth discussion. The panel also engages with the audience, taking in questions directed either at the panel as a whole, or at specific speakers.


A roundtable is a structured discussion through which participants are confronted with a specific issue. It often takes the form of a loose debate, with each speaker given equal time to present their solutions and deliberations regarding the issue.


Workshops are one of the smaller units of the CE conference. They have only a few speakers who heavily engage with the participants. The aim of these workshops is practical outcomes, sometimes in the form of a policy brief, sometimes in the form of a new skill.